Bergschaf - (Mountain Sheep)

The sheep races "Tiroler Bergschaf" and "Deutsches Bergschaf" are mainly kept in several colors in the Alpine region. Bergschaf wool are sheared twice a year. The fineness of the wool is 32-36 microns.

The wool is ideal for wet felting of robust felt objects such as shoes, seat cushions and sculptures. It is also a popular wool for dry felting. This wool is particularly suitable for felting with children, it is easy to work with and felts very quickly.

The natural-colored carded fleece are made directly from the washed wool. Dyed fleece wool is made from dyed flocks, which are then carded into fleece. A low proportion of vegetables in the fleece indicates natural processing. Wherever robust quality is required and fineness is not important and the low price has to be given special consideration, wool from Bergschaf wool is preferred.


We also offer our Bergschaf wool in fleece as a blend. These are made from at least two basic colors, which are not mixed completely homogeneously. You will find natural-colored melanges as well as melanges mixed from colored fleece wool in different packaging.

Another specialty from our house is our "Floating Colour" color range. Hand-dyed wool in beautifully blended colors.