Carded Fleece Merino - South Africa

Origin and first processing steps
We source the wool for our merino carded fleece from South Africa in order to take animal welfare aspects into account. Merino sheep are kept free of mulesing there, as in South America.
The South African wool from the "Cape of Good Hope" is also referred to as "Cape Wool" according to its origin.
“Cape wool” is often associated with a very short-fiber quality. However, our wool in the fineness offered has a fiber length similar to that of other merino qualities.
The wool of the Merino sheep is processed to a high quality through several industrial processes, in which the washing of welding wool comes first. The carding and combing creates a practically plant fiber-free starting material, which we then have largely colored.

Colors are our world
We attach great importance to our color concept. In coordination with suggestions from our customers, which we gratefully received, the next expansion of our color range will be developed.
According to the color specifications created by us, we have the coloring recipes set according to the guidelines of Ökotex Standard 100 (of course free of heavy metals) with a high level of reproducibility. The criteria of our German dye works are high wash and light fastness.
The Merino carded fleece is either produced in natural white "pearl white" or bleached "snowdrop" or dyed and delivered homogeneously in 64 tones.
After the wool has been dyed, it is rolled up and placed on top of one another in wafer-thin layers. These layers make it possible to carry out a uniform separation in any desired thickness during processing, as required by the intended use.
With a fineness of 23 mic. our wool is ideal for most wet felt projects, but also for dry felting.