Combed wool for spinning and felting

We source the wool for our Merino tops from Australia. She comes from herds where no mulesing is used. After sorting the wool fleeces, the wool of the Merino sheep is processed to a high quality via several industrial processes, in which the washing of the sweat wool is the top priority. The carding and subsequent combing produces a high-quality combed top that is practically free of plant fibres, which we then mostly dye.

With a fineness of 21 mic. our wool is ideal for spinning, felting and weaving.


We offer a wide range of tops from different breeds of sheep, such as Merino, Mountain, Blue Face Leicester and Wensleydale sheep. We offer tops made of merino wool in 59 different plain colors as well as in natural white and bleached. We use these uni colors to produce different colored multicolour tops and melanges. A particular specialty are our wool-silk blends. Here we combine our tops with silk fibers made of mulberry silk or tussah silk.